2023 Statewide Needs Assessment

In 2023, the Community Action Partnership of North Dakota conducted a statewide needs assessment in conjunction with North Dakota State University (NDSU) and the North Dakota Department of Commerce, Division of Community Services. The needs assessment study was carried out through the utilization of surveys and focus groups, followed by statistical analysis.  We invite you to check out the results of this project to learn more about the needs throughout North Dakota.

2023 Key Takeaways

Rental assistance remains the 1st priority need among people experiencing poverty throughout the state followed by food and dental insurance/affordable dental care. Increased living costs and inflation have emerged as significant contributing factors to the causes of poverty across the state, and they could also be the key drivers behind the priority needs. The frequently mentioned causes of poverty, derived from analysis of the qualitative data collected across the state include:

  1. Increasing living costs/Inflation
  2. Disability, Mental Illness, Severe Anxiety/Depression, etc.
  3. Childcare Issue for Working Parents
  4. Family Instability
  5. Less/No Skills for Jobs (with better pay and benefits)
  6. Lack of Affordable Transportation (to and from work)
  7. Generational Poverty
  8. Lack of Education
  9. Bad Record/Background
  • National CAP
  • National Community Action Foundation
  • Community Action Program Legal Services